Action Figures EP

by City and The Sea

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released February 22, 2013

Produced by Michael Keire + City and The Sea
Mixed by Michael Keire
Recorded at Threshold Studio - Hamilton, Ontario
Mixed at Revolution Recording - Toronto, Ontario
Mastered by Brian Lucey @ Magic Garden Mastering - Columbus, Ohio
Engineers at Revolution: Jack Clow, Arthur Bastos
Artwork by Anthony Bellavia - Citizen A
Design by Amber Edgar - Citizen A

Red Coast Records
All songs written by City and The Sea
Copyright 2013

Nick Cino - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jon Daly - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dave Marini - Bass
Joe Piccolo - Drums

Dano Stajduhar - Drums on "Railroad"



all rights reserved


City and The Sea Ontario

Fierce and melodic rock 'n' roll band from Hamilton. The guitars are loud but the harmonies are sweet. New single 'VENTURE' out July 15.

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Track Name: Strange Feeling
I got this strange feeling about this
There's something wrong and I don't wanna fake it
I want to be here when the morning comes

The lights are out and your heart is the strangest
Comets are falling and the blood is raining
What are they gonna do with all of us?

Baby, I didn't think that we would make it
But I know I'm bound to save us all
And that ain't new...

You gotta believe me
And like nobody else
You gotta believe me
Cos I don't even believe myself

I got this strange feeling about this
There's something wrong like the dead is rising
Could this really be the end?

Lately, I've been going kinda crazy
But I know I'm bound to pull this off
And I can't lose...

I got this strange feeling about this...
Track Name: Footprints
I see it, I feel it
But I don't really have a clue
I knew it, I blew it
There's nothing left for me to do
It's taking over...

I know
Everyone's got something new to say
Too bad
Everyone just start walking away
I can the see the footprints...

So I'm waiting
For some new direction here with you
And all along
It feels like it could break again
But I don't need it

It's my turn to walk away
And there's nothing left to say
The flood is breaking!

And the footprints are pounding again (the flood is breaking)
And the water's pouring in (the flood is breaking)
And it won't be long till I'm on the run again
Till the walls come caving in
But I know it's for the best

I'm not perfect but I'll try
To wipe the dust from my eyes
See it in the right light
Don't have to lose my mind
And as the flood is breaking
All will say good night
All will say good night...
Track Name: Living It Up
All over yesterday
I thought we'd made it
But she is debating

Reliving all the pain
Don't make it better
Not even easier

1997 was the year that she left me
I don't know, where'd she go?
Every morning I would walk her home
Are you living it up out there?

And I believe there's something wrong
The look in your eyes has faded
And in my heart I don't belong
I'll do my best to fake it

Where are you tonight
Are you going nowhere?
And somewhere tonight
I hope you're lonely somewhere
But you're living it up

Are you living it up out there?
Tell me darling
Track Name: Railroad (On My Mind)
Whatever happened to all the love?
Something's coming down from up above
But I'm not ready to believe
I'm going nowhere

All I wanted was to be free
I'm losing ground and it's killing me
So when you gonna come and make me see?
Here's what they said to me...

"If you wanna be somebody,
Come and go with me
You gotta leave it all behind
Be what you wanna be"

I got a ship lost on the ocean
I got a railroad on my mind
And whatever takes me is just fine

Whatever happened to all my dreams?
Nothing left to do but let it bleed
But I don't wanna be part of your scene
We're going nowhere

If I wanted to be somebody
I would have come and gone already
But lately nothing is as it seems

I got a ship lost on the ocean
I got a railroad on my mind
And whatever takes me is just fine

Faith is going nowhere
But the sunshine, it blows my mind
Faith is going nowhere
And I'm thinking of leaving it all behind
Track Name: How Do You Do?
Staring back at the page before you
The creeping of self doubt
Think about all your reasons
For feeling so left out

Are you really going to bring
Me right down from this cloud?
When I am left sitting here
For it to come around

So you take it in stride and you start all over
But it all stays the same
I'm wondering how you got me over
Why fill me with disdain?

How do you do?

And as I walk in the glow of the street lights
I'll never make my way home
Nobody knows where they're going
But we're climbing that mountain now

How do you do?